Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Just call me Jabber Jaws!

I am having a Mr. T moment! hahah!  I'm nonstop with the jibber jabber about this splint and my teeth! It's been a week today since I've had it and I have to say that it must be doing something right! I have had a couple headaches, but my neck pain is almost non-existent compared to what it was before.  The only downside to this "pre-braces" treatment is that the whole left side of my mouth is all chewed would be different for anyone, but in my particular case, the left side is where my actual upper jaw has grown over and downwards (the gummy side) and so this is adjusting my bite and in the process my inner mouth is getting in the way.  But again, I am looking at the long term outcome and this is like such a simple and small factor in the whole grand scheme of it all.

I was able to enjoy the 4th of July at this place in LA called the Hollywood Bowl, which is an outdoors concert place.  The fireworks were ok-I miss the east coast shows because they always seem much bigger and grander, but it was fun.  My friends and I brought some wine and enjoyed the night. 

Last night I went to acupuncture again and Dr. Amy is super excited about my progress even though it's only been one week.  I am so glad that I have an outside, yet inside medical perspective to draw from because not only does she know about my facial asymmetry (we've been working on that weekly) but she knows me and she said just by looking at me she can tell a difference.  Yay! I have been so used to looking at myself that I still can't really notice the difference yet (and always just see my upper jaw thing), but we always tend to look at the flaws we have first, no?

So here I am after acupuncture, and I am pretty happy. I even woke up today and feel pretty amazing and not all grumpy and sore:

(don't give me no jibba-jabba!...kinda looks like I have clear braces in this pic huh? however, I do not!)

Here's my Kitty Pryde last night! She likes her new scratcher/relaxing scratcher! (sorry it's blurry from my phone)
(I am in deep purvana!)
I'll update again soon!


  1. Hi Krisin! You pics in your other posts make me laugh! Welcome to the world of jaw surgery blogging!

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